What is career really about?

Is it about the amount of money you take home, or it is about something else altogether? If you asked all your colleagues, chances are you would hear the following:CDN Money2

    • It’s relief from boredom, something to do
    • It’s some place to go every day
    • It’s about connecting with people
    • It’s a way to prove something
    • It’s about challenge and achievement
    • It’s about making a difference
    • It’s about service to others
    • It’s a way to define yourself

You might even hear them say it’s all of the above.  Some are waiting for a career that provides all these things; others had them once, but have since gone into auto pilot.

Does your career provide what you want?  Are you passionate about your career?  You could find your calling right now, in the job you are in right now.  What it takes is a decision to enjoy what you are doing, and to give your complete attention and focus toward becoming as productive as you possibly can   Then look for a new role and sharpen it as well.  Try it, you’ll love the results.

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