What shall I do with myself in my Third Age?

Last time, we spoke about How To Enjoy Your Life in your Third Age and decided to explore Frederick Hudson’s adult passions.  Today we will look at the second passion. Finding purpose in your Third Age involves deciding what you want to achieve.


Proving Yourself (the second passion).  All human beings have the urge to prove themselves in some way. But of course, it manifests in many different ways. It can mean having ambition and doing things, setting and reaching goals, getting results and being recognized, working on projects, playing in organized sports or cultural groups, or merely having a purpose.Finding Purpose In Your Third Age - Your Goal

Upon entering into the “retirement years” (or Third Age) many people find their traditional avenues for proving themselves have been removed or changed significantly. And this leaves them drifting aimlessly without that forward orientation that keeps us engaged in mainstream life.

Finding Purpose In Your Third Age

As we approach our Third Age, we have a golden opportunity to try on something entirely new. This requires some reflective time, the courage to let go of the old way and possibly some experimentation. One way to begin the process is to find a couple of people that know you well and explore together the following questions:

  • What are my gifts?
  • What activities give me the most satisfaction?
  • What are my biggest challenges?
  • What would I like to learn?
  • What have I yearned to do, but never had the time or opportunity to pursue?
  •  What is my compelling sense of purpose?
  • If I could leave a mark, what would it look like?  
  • What rewards am I seeking?

Mindset Monday Challenge

Is there something you would rather be doing right now?  Maybe that is the place to begin.  Give this some reflection.

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