What’s Next For Me?

You are retired from that second age career and you’ve passed through the stress relief decompression period and you are now asking “What’s next for me?”

How would you describe your current situation?

  • Are you bored because there’s nothing happening?
  • Do you miss your former colleagues?
  • Do you feel your confidence slipping?
  • Are you concerned about finances?

What options do you see?

Here are some questions to fire up your thinking.

  1. What is really important to you right now? What cause? For example poverty, climate change, housing costs, health, youth opportunities, disaster relief, women’s issues, seniors’ independence. Would it make sense to find some one-on-one volunteering? Could you serve on a volunteer board? What about politics? Could you do some writing and advocating? Could you become a Girl Guide or Boy Scout leader?
  2. Is there something you would like to learn? For example: To play a musical instrument, to learn a language, to take up photography, to create websites, to sing in a choir. Can you find a community or club that would facilitate your learning?
  3. Have you considered writing? Is there a story you want to develop – a memoir, a mystery, a travel journal? No doubt you can find an online writers’ group.
  4. How about going into business? Some ideas: a direct selling company such as Arbonne or Usana, consulting, affiliate marketing online, creating online courses, teaching your hobby to others, graphic designing, being a virtual assistant. Do you enjoy selling, creating, facilitating or teaching?

List Three Choices For What’s Next For Me?

Do some online research and talk to people about each choice. Take your time to discover what opportunities there are. Now take out your journal and review what you see as the pros and cons of each choice. Be sure to discuss your options with someone who is objective – a friend, or a coach – not your spouse or relatives. (If you need an objective sounding board, contact me for some coaching)

You might also find my  What’s Next Program an enjoyable, collaborative way of really getting in touch with who you are and what activity would give you fulfilment.

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