Why Solopreneurs Use Social Media

In a recent Success Circle, the question was asked: “Solopreneurs – Why do you use social media anyway?”  The responses were varied but most led to the same main underlying reason – To Make Money
As solopreneurs with limited marketing budgets and time, we must find ways to get our products and services out there so that our prospective clients will find us.  But we all agreed that direct advertising has no place in social media.  Our reasons for being there were much broader and in some ways more subtle.

Here Were the Answers

  • We gain contacts and overcome the isolation we experience from a home office;
  • We socialize with those contacts and over time we build relationships and community;
  • In the course of the socializing, we are building awareness and loyalty to our brand;
  • We provide an interesting and enjoyable experience for our network by helping and educating on topics of interest;
  • All the while, we are observing our networks to gain valuable insights about what is needed;
  • And we want to learn from others and stay on top of current trends;
  • Must not forget that we want to experience enjoyment and some fun.  On some platforms we are simply exploring and playing;
  • In the course of all our social media activity, we are gradually building the trust that forms the basis for doing business.

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 Mindset Monday Challenge

Look at all your current Social Media presence and ask yourself:
  • What is my intent here?
  • Does my activity here reflect my intent?
  • Are there some changes in order?
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