Winter Solstice| Symbols of Reflection

Whether we are Christian or not, this Christmas season brings up reflection for most of us. As I reflect on the longest night of the year (also known as Winter Solstice), feelings about the importance of Light come up for me.  Strange how light becomes one of the winter solstice symbols.  This is no doubt influenced by my twenty years spent in Canada’s north where there is almost total darkness at this time of year and we long for the longest day of the year in June.

 On the day after December 22nd, we know that our days will head in the other direction – toward more and more Light.  I know that the Light brings hope and meaning;  because it brings the rebirth and growth of spring. This is the source of my optimism.

My Christmas Wish

This year, my hope and optimism for this world is peace and harmony for all.  May you too, find the hope and meaning that the light can bring on the day after the longest night.
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